Fibre Mood Hunter Coat

I found some Antique curtains last year and while laying them out in the living room Flynn asked me if I could make him a coat. So I did, I used the pixie pea coat pattern with a zipper, and he was very pleased. I joked to make myself a coat too so we could match, and his enthusiasm was too cute not to. I bought the magazine in December, because I really loved the Hunter Coat look, but making myself a coat felt like a bridge too far as a sewing novice so I didn’t. Until last month, I just went for it. The pattern was ehm not what I was used to, I found the tutorial not that clear (maybe because it was in Dutch and I mostly sew English patterns?) and there was a mistake on the pattern piece which made my first experience with welt pockets a bit frustrating. (I sent them an email about it and they acknowledged they made a mistake and sent me the right version).

But thankfully I have a very talented husband who can do EVERYTHING, he helped me out and I really love how it turned out. Now I need some spunk to wear it 😉

Outer Fabric: Antique Curtains from around 1930
Lining: Cupro from Böttger Alkmaar
Adult coat Pattern: Fibre Mood Hunter
Child coat Pattern: Pixie Pea Coat

n.) a warm, affectionate hug, cuddle or snuggle that gives a feeling of a safe place or home Jeanique ('85) woont in een rijtjeshuis met haar man, 2 zoons (2013 & 2018), een hond, kat en 6 kippen. Bloggen doet ze op en af zo'n 20 jaar, maar nooit op 1 plek en ook weinig consequent. Creëren is haar drug, of het nou gaat om fotograferen of een project achter de naaimachine, ze maakt bijna elke dag wel iets. Ze weet nog steeds niet wat ze wil worden als ze groot is.

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